Frequently Asked Questions


Project FAQs

You start off with big plans and even bigger enthusiasm but then you hit the barrier of trying to get investment so that your project can get off the ground. It’s a tough world out there and VCs are picker than ever when choosing their investments.

Even the most experienced teams with the best project on paper and maybe even a working prototype can’t get funding and so they eventually give up and go back to their old daily grind. This is where Crypto Dragon’s Den could help.

We specialize in early stage investments to help get your great idea converted into a great launched project!

We could help to make your dreams become a reality.

The Crypto Dragon’s Den is essentially a syndicate of small investors joining together in the shape of crowdfunding to give them the ability / power to be able to participate in Seed Investments or Private Rounds rather than having to wait for the full project launch / IDO or secondary market.

Any project can apply to appear in the Den. However, there are certain criteria that must be met before being considered. These include, but are not limited to, project legal entity, fully visible / doxed team, must be in the Seed or Private rounds, must have a detailed roadmap and tokenomics. If you are struggling to meet these criteria then we also offer Advisory Services to help get your project ready for pitching to investors / VCs.

Simply use the Contact Us page and wait for a response. We will send you an application form to fill in with your project details and further instructions. Alternatively you can join our Discord channel and send a DM to the Head Dragon.

A Crypto Dragon’s Den representative will contact your project to invite you onto a presentation call which will be recorded. This will then be reviewed along with your whitepaper / deck etc. by all of our investors and we will then decide whether we invest or not.

You will be expected to give a project overview, go through your presentation slides in detail (especially around tokenomics, sustainability, growth etc.) and there may also be a question and answer session at the end.

Once the presentation is complete, a decision should be made within 2-4 weeks.

There are no fees involved in the application process to appear in the Crypto Dragon’s Den. However, if we decide to invest then there will be a 4% fee taken off the full investment amount.

Simply fill in the Contact Us form to register your interest as a project and a representative will contact you as soon as possible to discuss next steps. Alternatively, you can join our Discord channel and send a DM to the Head Dragon.